nom (r1cepudding) wrote in metaquotes,

I Believe You got Your Mysticism Stuck in My Ass... the title of this fabulous post from the always-hilarious fleegull

She's talking about Toni Bentley's new book.

I can't help but think that if she had written "A guy flipped me over and stuck his cock up my ass and I came harder than an old Chevy Chase pratfall" instead of " "Bliss, I learned from being sodomized, is an experience of eternity in a moment of real time" and "The penetration is deeper, more profound; it rides the edge of sanity. The direct path . . . to God, has become clear, has been cleared." the New York Times and Salon would hardly be taking notice.

Me? I prefer a stiff cock up the ass over any mystical revelation. It's anal sex, not a tearing in the time space continuum.

Now, after all that nonsense, Go Yankees!
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