And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen (_redpanda_) wrote in metaquotes,
And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen

MOD NOTE: This is not a metaquote. But I can pull funny faces while I type, if you like.

The wank is getting out of hand again, people. Call this a service announcement:

If YOU are offended by a quote that everyone else seems to find hilarious, guess what? Perhaps the problem is YOUR thin skin, or YOUR sense of humor. Believe me, the world is not in dire need of three-four solid paragraphs of you explaining why you're so deeply offended by something that was merely meant as a harmless laugh.

Now, if you're pretty sure a joke is legitimately sexist, racist, phobic, or whatever you may like, that will usually be self-evident either in the total lack of comments or in a series of short, brief "Huh, not funny" notes. And generally I will take quotes like that down unless the comments are worth keeping, heh. But sometimes a joke is just that: a joke. And going off on a pedantic diatribe about it merely makes you look like a humorless wanker. NOBODY CARES. Okay? Okay. Carry on. :)
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