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Conversation on bike engines from a friends journal...

Hi guys, I normally just lurk here and occasionally get quoted... but I couldn't go past this:

From dragoneletras LJ: Stupid quote of the day, from my neighbour about 15 minutes ago when I started the bike (it was mildly smokey)

*D's neighbour* "well, look at that..a clacker eh ? old GPZ !.......It stinks doesn't it...?....Can you smell it ? It stinks...smells like...fuel....and oil...and smoke...I can smell it, can't you smell it ? It's pretty loud. But it stinks...like it's hot"

dragoneletra "Ahh, yeah mate..it's called a motor....it uses oil, and fuel..and OXYGEN..by the way..you're breathing MY oxygen right now.....quit with your stealing..i'll have a use for that"

At this point I abruptly walked away. I cannot deal with freaks at this time of the morning..i'm sorry to all you freaks out there..but it's 9.30, no sleep..things to do....need.....something to wake up....
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