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Surrealism's latest incarnation

The ever-hilarious mutantjules, in a locked post, explores the intriguing topic of buying sex toys for art projects (with one's mother):

(quoted with permission)

in other news, for the hands-down most fucked-up art project I've ever done, I had to go out and buy a dildo so that I could paint it. went to a place called Aren't We Naughty, with me mum and a friend of hers. my poor mum, when I first told her that I needed it and why, she gave me this look, all "what did I do, to end up with a freak like you for a daughter?!" but she ended up taking me there. 'twas interesting, to say the least. we saw this cute lesbian couple buying a vibrator shaped like a tongue. they were all couple-y and sweet. but attempting to pick one out was rather difficult - there was an entire wall full of generally phallic stuff, it confused the fuck out of me. too many options, I was just totally bewildered. I had to ask the girl working there which one I should get, and she suggested one made of latex rather than some jelly-ish substance, though she told me she'd never before had anyone come to her store to buy a dildo for painting. it cost about $18 and change. and so it came to be that I now own a black latex 8-inch, though not to be used for its usual purpose, as it's covered in primer.


life's interesting, innit?.
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