tatty bojangles (apocalypsos) wrote in metaquotes,
tatty bojangles


Hurricanes should always be named after women. Always. Because then you can talk about them. You can blame it on pms. "Damn bitch Claudette got pissed that I was cheating with her sister and trashed my house" "Damn bitch Claudette pissed all over this hellsent city." It just doesn't work when it's a guy. What would it be like - "That damn bastard Henry got pissed that I wouldn't give him head so he fucking came all over the city, look at the mess!"

We have tornados. I wish they named tornados, cause that's all we have here. I'd so be all like, "Damn son of a bitch tornado stole my COWS the motherfucker."

Seriously. I would so talk like the weather is my best friend. Yeah I would.
-- pretty_fish
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