And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen (_redpanda_) wrote in metaquotes,
And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen

Twilight of the Wank Gods

From here:


wankprophet: Yes...yes we are. But first we're going to bring down every fandom out there. That is the sole purpose of Fandom_Wank -- to bring about the Wankapalyse. Wankerdammerung. And then, in the Twilight of the Wank Gods, we too will fall, our purpose ended, our strength spent, and lo, the old Intraweb will pass away and the new one will come, a gentler Intraweb where the marvelous and terrible Wankers of old who strode the net like primal demons and gods have fallen into that eternal dreamless sleep and the fluffy, fluffy carebears and beautiful blue-eyed unicorns and uniquesnowflakes will live together in peace and harmony and lots of virginal sex.

xero_sky: Awww, man... Can't we just keep on mocking them instead? All that *waves hand* apocalyptic stuff looks like hard work. *has Cheetos with her whine*

And from here:

wacky_crack: It's October or maybe still September, but in any case Mercury is retrograde or did it go direct? Well, it's Saturday I think, or hell - Sunday maybe, though any day of the week will do really, which is to say that once again the Harry Potter fandom is working itself into a sweaty frenzy about *something* of Critical! Fandom! Importance!
Now bear with me, I know some of this territory was covered before, but for those of us who lack the required degrees in forensic cryptology required to make heads or tails of the overlapping circles of hate that resonate from various BNF's I offer a primer...

saxameup: New week, new HP wank. This yet again reinforces my idea of HP fandom being like Old Faithful. And once again as a Park Ranger of wank I shall don my short shorts, wear my big fuzzy finger, and dance, dance, dance as it rains splooge.
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