hopefoot (hopefoot) wrote in metaquotes,

On Soap

fridgemagnet talking about an automatic soap dispensor here.

If this is designed to limit soap consumption it doesn't work very well because I must have tried it out at least a dozen times. You wave your hand in front of the sensor for a bit, it pauses, you move your hand away thinking it's not working and then the tap shoots out a small gob of iridescent blue goo into the sink, with a "WAKerrrr" noise. This either makes it sound like an embarrassed duck or, as I realised later, like it's calling me a wanker.

The soap is really quite attractive. If a My Little Pony could ejaculate, the result would look like this. I feel like a vet, or maybe a fetish porn star. I bet I could corner the market in Hot Plastic Horse Action. Look for it in your spam box soon.
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