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On the subject of yaoi...

From newbabyfly here:

I have an annoucement to make to the world.

"Yaoi" is not a VERB.

Do not say "Are they yaoi? Do they do yaoi? Will you yaoi with this guy?" Is it not a verb. Granted, I often verb nouns, like 'brick' and 'art' and 'sponge' but verbing "Yaoi" sounds ridiculous, along with the many other ways this word is misused.

A proper example of how to use teh evil word- "I just bought a yaoi doujinshi today!"

Better yet, don't say 'yaoi' at all. Say shounen-ai. Say gay. Say BOY'S LOVE or BL. Yaoi is a bastard child of a word and has been misconstrued in so many ways it's not even funny.

/gets off soapbox.
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