Lib (libram) wrote in metaquotes,

A quote by primeoffense

This one might be stretching.

But here's a little sports history that came to mind because the Montreal Expos are going to be relocated to Washington, DC next season.

The present 'Texas Rangers' franchise was originally a Washington, DC team called "The Washington Senators"

They were moved, I believe, in the early 70's.

The very same Texas Rangers (who are really the Washington Senators) were, at one point owned by former Governer, and current President (unelected) George W. Bush.

During Bush's ownership of the team, they were a huge failure, not a winning club by any stretch of the word. In fact, George's boys even traded away a top prospect to the White Sox, a guy who went on to become the Latino Babe Ruth, a guy they now call Slammin' Sammy Sosa. 500+ home runs later, this is one of the worst trades in professional sports history. So let me ask you this...

If George W. Bush was unfit to manage a BASEBALL TEAM full of 'Senators' what in blue fuck makes you think he can handle a Government full of them?

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