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_peapod and I just had a fun misunderstanding. She asked for a fic rec and I gave her a link to a hobbit smutbomb I had written and...

Portia: "Yay! Merci buckets, *drools* I fear that Tolkein's retribution may be swift. *is struck by lightning* Yah, thought so."

Me: Imagine the retribution I caught for writing it. (Ow! My poor burnt fanny!)

Portia: You are American aren't you? Only fanny means something else in English...o.O

Me: Whoops! I am American! What does fanny mean in English?

Portia: um...ladies' privates ahahahaha omg *runs away*

Me: OMGWTFLOL!!!!one11!!! HA HA HA HARRR!!!!

Portia: OMG GOD HIT U WERE IT HURTZ OMG!!!!!!!!111ONE!!11!

Me: That oughta learn me!
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