I'm not a real person, but I play one on LJ... (diannelamerc) wrote in metaquotes,
I'm not a real person, but I play one on LJ...

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The Valiant Valkyrie Butterfly Battles the Evil Mary Sue Writers of the World!

Complete rant here ;-) :

"And everyone who compared Snape to Angel - CUT IT OUT! They've both been to the dark side. But one of them is a brooding idiot with gel issues, the belief that he can determine the universe for everyone else, and a curse; and the other one is a very cranky (albeit with a sexy Alan Rickman vibe) potions teacher who probably hasn't had sex in a decade, wouldn't know gel if you painted him with it, and sneers at other people too much to ever decide anything for them. SNAPE DOES NOT BROOD. He's grumpy. He's guilty. But he doesn't brood, he gets irritated. Learn the difference!" -- butterflykiki
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