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* Good Charlotte's latest single is named "Predictable". All of you who are still laughing, raise your hand.
* Education has moved to the forefront of the bling-bling playa field, as evidenced by Busted's new ode to the power of literature, mathematics, and the sciences, "What I Go To School For". Actually, I have no idea, I can't bring myself to download it.
* Some poor soul at is still convinced his readers know who The Pixies are.
* Michael Jackson is demanding networks pull Eminem's new video from their rotation. It's because he's white, isn't it?
* In honor of this month's upcoming festivities, Usher has released a single praising the simple traditions of trick-or-treating, entitled, "My Boo". Charlie Brown sings backup.
* Britney Spears releases "My Prerogative". Vocabulary test scores raise 250%.
* Lindsay Lohan is releasing an album. I can't help but hope it is but the beginning of an ongoing rap diss between her and Hilary Duff. Bitch got served.
* Joel Madden from Good Charlotte is quoted, "I get laughed at every day." See above.
* Slim Thug is the post-Atkins reincarnation of Fat Joe.
* Along with Eminem's video, Michael Jackson has requested the removal of the new video by JoJo and Lil Bow Wow. His publicist said Jackson felt the video was "too disrespectful of the tender, alluring, sensual, erotic, lily-fleshed bodies of children."

the rest is here, and it's brilliant
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