off jumps jack (prairiedaun) wrote in metaquotes,
off jumps jack

Ever since that gay marriage poll the AFA got whupped in, I've been receiving their "Action Alerts," mostly because I'm consumed by a sick curiosity as to what they're up to. For the last couple of weeks, they've been all over Procter&Gamble for supporting the homosexual agenda, and requesting that all good family-minded individuals boycott their products. You see, P&G has this strange notion that gays are people too, and should be treated as such. They even go so far as to *gasp* target advertisements to the homosexual community and *shock* include homosexuals in their list of people one should not discriminate against in the workplace. Yes sir, it's horrifying, let me tell you.

So of course, my thought is, "Okay, so what brands does this company own, and how many of them can I switch to cheaply?" Crest, Tide, Always, Bounty, Head&'s all stuff I buy when it's on sale, so I've just got to remember to stick with them when they're not 50 cents off. Simple enough. Next step: have a baby, so I can start buying Pampers. A gay baby.

-suntyger, here
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