Deza (deza) wrote in metaquotes,

badmagic, theorizing on the possibility of homosexuals being possessed by demons:

So there's Belphanior and Abigor, newly embodied, ready to do the Devil's Work. They're considering the evil they have to do, when Belphanior says that Abigor makes him shiver when he gets intense like that, and Abigor notices for the first time that Belphanior has these wonderful deep brown eyes, and they have these human bodies on, it would be a shame not to, you know, try them out. Next thing you know, it's three days later, the bedsheets are on the floor, and the evil plans have been pushed to next week. Oh, wait, there's a party next week. Maybe the week after, if they can find the time.

Entire thought-provoking post available here.
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