O (much_reality) wrote in metaquotes,

Pikacharma's rant log

Okay, this is a friend of mine. She's actually immensely kind, but very acid tongued.

The first link is to a rant against spam email forwards. The second link (behind a cut tag) is to a political meme. I'm admittedly citing the most incendiary elements, and she's being pretty tongue in cheek.

1) I am an angry militant atheist. I do not give a damn about Jesus. Matter of fact, I do not give a damn about God, Jesus, Allah, Vishnu, etc. I do not give a damn about them, I do not give a damn about any of their cohorts, I do not give a damn about any of their so-called master plans for my life, and above all else, I simply cannot have faith in the existence of any divine and supposedly benevolent entity who would condone the use of email spam as a means of spreading the Word.

And now to the politics...

Abortion: Hell yes. I wish Black & Decker would just, like, come out with a home kit or something. You know, complete with different sized attachments for different trimesters. I also wish congress would pass a law legalizing retroactive abortions, valid within a one-year grace period of giving birth. There are already too many screaming little shit factories in the world. They're ugly and they smell bad and they shriek their worthless fool heads off in restaurants and movie theaters and such. I say we should just declare open season. ((And in the case of parents bringing babies into movie theaters, declare open season on the parents as well.))

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