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From Aussie mizz_nizz' log of her trip to England:

eg: (Nixy) "Can we shut the curtains? I don't like the idea of being on the ground floor with curtains open"
(Madam) "But the view! and the lights! (makes all these weird noises)
(Nixy) "What can you see laying down? You're going to sleep! what view can you see with your eye's shut?" (gives in and lets her have the window curtains wide open. The reason I wanted the curtains shut is the owner said to make sure we locked the doors because there had been people going to B&B's checking doors etc and letting themselves in)
(Madam) "God Nicole, if a guy looks in on you, I'd have thought you'd be grateful"

WHAT THE FU... BITCH!!!!!!! - I'm bloody STUNNING compared to this mousy moustached bad breath cow of a thing! breeeeeathe Nicole breeeeeeeathe.

(I commend Nicole on her ability to endure two four weeks with this woman she refers to as "Madam".)

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