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The things you find when it's late and you're bored...

I was reading through marysues and came across this little gem from arabel. I laughed so much I nearly literally fell off my chair. Italicised bits are the offending Mary Sue fic, bold are Arabel's comments.

" Who are you looking for milady?" Angelus asked.

"You." she said as she bit into his neck,draining him almost completely. She used a knife from her pocket and cut her wrist and fed him. After he stopped,he looked at Darla,his human part slowly disappearing.

Angelus: "Aargh! My human part has disappeared! I needed that!"
Darla: *curious* "Which part was that, anyway?"
Angelus: *coughs* "Never you mind..."

*still snerking* I think I need to go lie down now...
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