Zoi (calicia) wrote in metaquotes,

Election by Jeapordy

After reading the comments in this post on this community, zae decides in this post that the US elections should be held via a Celebrity Jeapordy competition. This is how he imagines it:

Trebeck: Ok, the final category is, you know what? *tears it in half* Just write a letter, any letter at all. An A, a B, or how about a C?
*time passes*
Trebeck: Ok, let's see what you wrote. George Bush wrote the number 5.
Bush: Aha, the letter 5 my friend.
Trebeck: No, 5 is a number.
Bush: I... can't read or write.
Trebeck: We know.

Trebeck: George Bush drew a picture of an eye.
Bush: Well i is a letter, isn't it?
Trebeck: Are you American or retarded?

(Thank you, celebrity Jeapordy. Now, if only Sean Connery were running in the election.)
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