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"Am beside myself with glee, because according to, Tim Burton is considering Christopher Walken for the role of Willy Wonky in his remake of Willy Wonky and the Chocolate Factory. "

"Look at my previous entry! Look at the fabulous Freudian slip I made! Look, dammit! "

burningtoast your funny!

Where as this whole conversation was

so i just called some animal shelters to see about getting spooky spayed, and there's a little organization called Spay Wagon that would do it. i got this mental image of a good humor truck with evil veterinarians and hypodermics hanging off of it, rolling down the streets of boston playing a little song, and all the cats and dogs running in terror: "aaah! it's the spaywagon!" anyway, once i stopped laughing hysterically, i called the number and they said they'd do it for 45 bucks. werd.
:snicker: haha spaywagon...hehehe....


Maybe they play the sound of a can opener, like an ice-cream van to attract them!


I think they play music from the, uh, Nutcracker?


Hehehe...I would definately pay $45 bucks to see that, even if I didn't have a pet to spay!


to the tune of my favorite things:

We're the spay wagon
and this is our jingle
Drop off your dog and we'll
chop off his dingle
45 dollars is all you will pay
You give us money and we'll give you spay

Bassets go ball-less, chihuahuas, castratis
Inside our van, we will alter dogs' bodies
We'll spay your cat when we come to a stop
No running red lights at kitty's chop chop

Bring us your cat, bunny, puppy or turtle
We will then render the creature infertile
stitch it up fine, bandage it with a smile
no more sweet pets doing it doggy style

When the dog comes
here to see us
Don't be feeling sad
Just remember that you are helping the world
And then you won't feel so bad!


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