real life dropout and online overachiever (rynne) wrote in metaquotes,
real life dropout and online overachiever

anniesj doesn't think much of Bush's debating...

You know what would be awesome? If all of a sudden, George W. Bush were to stop in the middle of this debate, snort a mountain of cocaine, foam at the mouth and scream "RAAAAAAAH I FUCK DEAD NAZIS!!!!" and then swallow his own tongue. *eyes glaze over with the joy of that mental image*

Also, how much would you love to see the debate notes from these guys? *covets* I swear to God that every time Bush scrawls furiously on that little stack of paper, he's writing things like "OMG STFU I HATE U DIE!!!11!!1 *DEFRIENDS KERRY*"

It's the "*defriends Kerry*" bit that gets me. XD
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