mr five dollar foot long's sweet caboose (snacky) wrote in metaquotes,
mr five dollar foot long's sweet caboose

jood writes a letter to one of *those* people we all know...

Dear Insecure Fandom Drama Whore,

There will be people who do not like you. There will also be people who find your self-indulgence laughable, and will laugh about it with their friends. There will also be people who mock your art, partly because you're so darned earnest about it and partly because you're so transparently desperate for approval.

See, everyone in fandom has folks who do not like them. Even the really, really nice ones who any fool could see deserve nothing but love and lollipops. The most inoffensive, lovely people have detractors. It's a side effect of fandom. There's a reason "fan" derives from the word "fanatic".

Insecure Fandom Drama Whore, the world in its entirety will not love you merely because you exist. And if you venture forth to hold court over your beloved fans, prepare to also meet people who do not attend upon your every breath, praying for another pearl of wit or another donation of your glorious talent. If you are so frail and delicate that your rosepetal ego cannot withstand coming in actual contact with someone who does not like you, then keep it to yourself. Swanning about having the vapors and refusing to leave your safe coccoon are fits better thrown by undereducated, overcoddled debutantes than well educated adults.

If you really do believe everyone with taste and sense must love you, you are destined for years of disappointment, Insecure Fandom Drama Whore. I suggest you either wise up and grow some calluses or take up solitaire and chinchilla breeding.

Kind Regards,
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