A leaf in the wind (emglyph) wrote in metaquotes,
A leaf in the wind

Two for one sale

californianhero in a chat gone slightly sacrilegious:
CH [10:38 PM]: Did I mention I also strangled 12 incarnations of budda himself?
K [10:39 PM]: I don't buy it. Budda could totally take you.
CH [10:39 PM]: Not with my electrified budda strangling gun!
K [10:41 PM]: best gun EVER!
K [10:42 PM]: I take you wren't fighting all twelve at once?
K [10:42 PM]: weren't
K [10:42 PM]: *
CH [10:43 PM]: Actually yes...I taped all of vishnu's arms onto my body after I finished pureeing the rest of her, that way I could fire multiple budda strangling guns at once.
K [10:45 PM]: Must have been quite an adjustment to learn to work all six arms tandem in such a short amount of time
CH [10:46 PM]: No...she told me how to do it after sex...how do you think I got close enough to cut all her arms off and shove her in a giant blender?

and threnodyeris, the man, the legend:
(Safeway is donating a dollar to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation for every 10 Yoplaits you buy. And if you save the pink tops and mail them in, Yoplait will donate an additional 10 cents per top.)

While my feelings about yogurt are lukewarm, I LOVE breasts.

Ask around.

I'm a vociferous proponent of mammary glands.

My fondness is nigh legendary. Therefore, I simply had to buy the yogurt.
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