Tiara (divabat) wrote in metaquotes,

from glittersavvy:

I have had this theory for a while, but I only just put it into practice. If you throw glitter at a man, he will freak out and run away! ^^

I think I shall market it as rape prevention. Carry a tube around for self defense. Sure, it *looks* pretty, but you don't want it in your eye. Believe me. I know. I could make billions from guys' hatred of glitter. I tend to shower myself in it if I don't want boys getting over-enthusiastic, because they do *not* want to be covered in shiny bits.

This is also how women know their partners are going to strip clubs, because the dancers are typically doused in body shimmer - which is actually a very strategic idea. Get a lap dance and that glitter *never* comes out. You don't realize, but it's all an elaborate trick to fuck with chauvinistic men. Of course, if you don't have a partner, you've got no problem, but you'll still be covered in sparkly stuff. For. Ever. ^^

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