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Quoted from spotsofcolour with permission, with regards to the Royal visit to our school two days ago.

...it's no wonder that my musing were with regards to his Royal Gingerness while I walked the dog down the bottom.

Mainly, when I was scooping the poop.

'I bet Prince Harry doesn't have to do this.'

This thought progressed.

'In fact, I bet his dog's got his own personal pooper-scooper.'

Of course, then I realised that he hasn't _got_ a dog, as far as I'm aware, but the queen does, so close enough.
Naturally, this musing brought up the obvious questions:

How low do you have to sink to become a pooper-scooper?
Is there a Union?
Is poop-scooping for Royalty what every pooper-scooper aims for?
Do you have to start at the bottom, scooping poop for less famous people, like Noel Edmunds and work your way up?
Do you get paid per hour or by poop?
If it's per poop - is it a lot for one poop, or not a lot, but there are a lot of poops to scoop?

And then I realised that scooping poop for the Queen is a damn easy job. All she has is corgis! Corgis are little dogs and will do, as such, little poops. Forget respect for those guys! I'll respect the bloke who scoops poop for a pack of bloody St Bernards!

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