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Gummi fetuses...

This is a conversation that I had with my friend and roomate tonight, which found so amusing/creepy, that she decided to post it in her journal. I now, with her permission, share that conversation with you...although I promised her I wouldn't link back to her journal. Anyway, here are her words:

I am pausing in the middle of a game to bring you the screwey conversation of this evening.

Me: have you ever noticed how, if you squish a gummy bear, it kind of looks like a fetus?
MH: Yeah, you know, Spencers would be the place to carry those too.
Me: I know, I mean they already have gummy penises and gummy breasts, I think they would carry gummy fetuses
MH: I wonder if they would ever try to make a gummy vagina....
Me: I don't know, but if they did I know some guys who would try to make it fit.....
MH: I wonder if there are any girls who hav tried to make the gummy penis fit
Me: But they're only this big ::makes a motion that means "little"::......
MH: well yeah......
Me:...........JAMES!!!! COME BACK!!!
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