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I don't kneel before my Gods. I dance with them.

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from shaenie in a comment to this post from writer_in_black

Dear Ms. W.I. Black,

We at the Society for the Prevention of the Abuse of Caps Lock have become aware of your flagrant abuse of this form of communication, generally regarded as a means by which one may emphasize or "SHOUT" via a text-based medium.

We at S.P.A.C.L. would VEHEMENTLY appreciate your refraining from further abuse of said keyboard function, as pursuant to Section 12, subset 4121.5 of the Caps Lock Code of Conduct. If you continue to violate the C.L.C.C., you will be subject to a fine not to exceed ONE MILLION DOLLARS, as well as facing possible suspension of your Caps Lock priveledges.

Sincerest Regards,

Shaenie Boyd
President of S.P.A.C.L.
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