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Pacts with Satan? That explains everything...

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sarff_nodwydd discussed a not-too-bright fundy by saying:

Today's discussion revolved around prayer, intervention, hurricanes and Haiti. 1500 people died when the island nation was struck by Hurricane Jeanne. In the world according to Kaye, 1500 people died because 200 years ago a leader of Haiti made a pact with the Devil giving him dominion over the island.

Of course, that leads one to wonder what Jeb Bush did that caused Florida to become the target for four hurricanes.... in one month....in an election year. Floridians might want to just paint a target on the state capitol building.

In the comments, ursulagoddess replied:

Its all about what the context ... I can just see the headline now 'REPUBLICANS MAKE DEAL WITH SATAN'. The Devil, in a private interview with this reporter, says that he did not make deal with Florida Republicans. He presumes that Titan caused the damage to the said peninsula because of lack of voter turn out for the 2000 election. The Devil then went on to say that he would, 'Not be surprised if the Kerry supporters found their gardens weeded and lawns nicely manicured after the flood waters receded.' When asked further about his dealings with the Republican party, the Devil refused to comment, only to say that he felt that after Regan sold his soul to win the 1980 and '84 elections the Devil was disappointed to find out that the former president indeed had no soul to sell in the first place. 'We are still sorting out the details of (Regan's) after life, but if he thinks that I'm sending him back as a zombie to run in 2008, he's got another thing coming.'
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