Si appellem me mendacem, mentiarne? (apiphile) wrote in metaquotes,
Si appellem me mendacem, mentiarne?

When i eventually got back to my uni house it appeared as if everyone had died, there was a neon pink umbrella ripped in half on the doorstep, inside the house posters had been torn from the walls and the kitchen was piled half a foot high with dirty dishes. The sound of wretching and vomting was drifting down the stairs from the 2nd floor bathroom and i realised that the freshers flu had invaded my house.

I had been hoping for a zombie epidemic, which the half burnt sofa and smashed car on my street suggested, but alas that is just the usual state of my road. Oh well.

--glitter_kittie and I share many important opinions on zombies, and the preference of zombie invasion over the invasion of freshers flu is just one of them.
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