Clever Manka (clevermanka) wrote in metaquotes,
Clever Manka

The joys of motherhood

motherteresatoo gets to have that discussion with her 11-year-old son.
So I got this comic-style book about how babies are made (plus all the other stuff that goes along with that) for my 11 year old son to read. He feigned disinterest in it, but then zipped through it in two evenings. :-) Anyway, I told him that if he had any questions about what he was reading that he could ask and I'd do my best to tell him. So, he waits a while and calls me back confused about one part that describes the egg's journey and menstruation. Okay, cleared that up. Well, just one more question. "How does the man know which hole to put his penis in?" hahaha I choked for a second and told him..."He just knows."

Posted w/ motherteresatoo's permission.
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