And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen (_redpanda_) wrote in metaquotes,
And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen

Yes, I'm crossposting, but I'm using new quotes each time eh? :)

Denethor:[to Arathorn, Aragorn's father] I was home minding the store while you were off frolicking and buggering elves, you toothless old ghost. I was commanding the forces of Gondor against the evil hordes while you were communing with fucking trees! The nerve!
Arathorn:You also sent your favorite son to his awful, awful demise. Go on! Get out! Join the livestock-shaggers in Rohan! They'll appreciate it.
Boromir II:On the contrary: I insisted upon going forth on my mission, and I maintain to the last that it was for the greater good. My father watched me go with great anguish in his heart. I remember the day well.
Arathorn:That's nice. Why is it that when everyone announces that they do something for the greater good they always end up dead?

Whee! mespt_quotes is now converting to a daily "nostalgia quote" service. MESPT is and was, of course, Middle-Earth Sockpuppet Theater, the first, oldest, and biggest Silm/LOTR RPG on LJ...and also the most fucked-up. Period. Ever. The reason I crosspost it here is because...okay, so you might not know who half the "people" are half the time, but by god it's funny shit anyway. And if you are a Tolkiengeek, we can both amuse and offend you at the same time!
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