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The best debate transcript

freedomfry writes,
I have taken it upon myself (no, no need to thank me) to translate last night's first presidential debate into Snark, for the education and entertainment of Livejournal minions. Oh, and yeah, I'm a Dem. My bias is pastede on, yay! Also, it's kinda long. You've been warned :)

The First Presidential Debate: A Translation from English into Snark.

JIM LEHRER: In conclusion, if any of you audience members do anything at all, I will fuck your shit all up. And I don’t look like a Muppet, dammit.

LEHRER: ::looks up, realizes cameras are on:: Welcome to Miami, Florida, between hurricanes. Clearly this is a state abandoned by God, which means that if He decides to smite either of our candidates live on television, it won’t really surprise anyone down here any more.
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