- (azazelle) wrote in metaquotes,

piroshki in thequestionclub:

Well basically the whole debate was little better than a penis-measuring contest.

However, in light of such, Kerry had his clean and all figures organised on length (hard and not), girth (in three locations), requisite piercings and/or tattoos, production output, and four years' worth of usage, in bar-graph notation.

And Bush... Well, first he swore it was a WMD. Then he couldn't find it. Then when he did find it he didn't want anybody to see, so he tried to change the subject. That didn't work so he changed his figures to be closest approximates. Then he forgot the new figures, the old figures, and what he was actually fingering. Finally he tried to finger Kerry's, and when that didn't work either stalled and went home, completely vindicated that he could, indeed, produce the same thing he has been over the last four years.
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