Silmaril (silmaril) wrote in metaquotes,

Consistency in the message... and underwear

From shadowcaptain, this entry quoted in entirety because I couldn't find a good way to cut it:

    lehrer: senator: boxers or briefs?

    kerry: well, you raise an interesting point. sometimes i wear shorts or otherwise engage in activities where boxers would be inappropriate. but most of the time i'm a boxers kind of person, and that's the kind of president i would be. i believe it was kofi annan in geneva, march of 1997, who said "the angle of the dangle is inversely proportional to the heat of the meat." that's why i could do a better job, because i'll wear what's appropriate at the time.

    lehrer: mr. president, thirty seconds.

    bush: my opponent can't make up his mind! he just said he wears briefs some days and boxers other days! what kind of message does that send to our troops? a free iraq is essential to the safety of the world! and colin powell agrees with me! that's not how a commander in chief acts! you need me to keep doing the job i've been doing, because i picked one pair of underwear when i had to change my pants on september 11th, and that's the pair i've been wearing non-stop ever since, and i'll keep wearing the same pair for the next four years. but he's just inconsistent.

(Yes, so it's another debate quote.)
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