Nickster (fyreflyblue) wrote in metaquotes,

adrienneee weighs in on debate-night fashion, among other things, here:

And what the hell was up with their ties?? George in Democrat blue, Kerry in Republican red?  How do you suppose that came about?  Do you think maybe there was a tense moment before they went on stage where they realized they were wearing the same tie?

"Dude!  You can't wear the blue! *I'm* wearing the blue!  Change it!"
"DUDE!  I'm the President! YOU change!"
"No, you change!"
"You're being un-American!"
"If I can't wear the blue tie, the terrorists have already won."

Meanwhile, some lowly staffer is  frantically running around looking for different color tie.  This would all be so simple if they had to wear tuxedos.  Or better yet, speedos.  Any one who can intelligibly pontificate with his package hanging out totally gets my vote.
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