Clever Sleazoid (lyme) wrote in metaquotes,
Clever Sleazoid

From fallofrain: Bush and Kerry chatroom style:

Kerry: And I will be sure to insert some actual intelligence and proper grammar into the presidency if I am elected.
bush: hay thar, guyz whatz goin on in this debate can i play 2?
Kerry: You can't just go in and DOS attack other sites without the backing our allies on the web.
bush: omg u forgot poland lol
Kerry: I do agree that Saddam is dangerous. But I still say we were wrong to go after the ljdrama crew for this war when there was no link between them and Al Queda.
Bush: omg ur flipfloppin
Kerry: I'm not flip flopping. I've always said ljdrama is dangerous, but they're not linked to internet terrorists who attacked us.
Bush: itz hard work lol i no haxx0rs
Kerry: Unlike some presidents, I can actually type in full sentences with proper grammar and spelling.
bush: i am teh president god bless cuz he sez i don have to use capitols n all that grammer crap i can spell nucular lol
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