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Pimping the ljdq again

The LJ Daily Quiz: the moderators (AL & CV) ask the questions on Monday, the Quizlings provide answers by Wednesday, then the moderators collect the funniest answers, add a bit of commentary, & post the results on Fridays. Here's an excerpt from our latest Quiz:

1. This diplomatic arrangement between France and Scotland, lasting from 1295 until the Reformation, was primarily designed to thwart and annoy England. What was it called?

"A disaster! Who in their right mind would do anything with the French?" - deinemuse
"I'm all for anything that thwarts and annoys France" - bummerfly

(Don't worry, citizens of France, there's enough anti-Brit sentiment to go around too! -CV)
(Abuse for all nations. It's the United Nations way. -AL)

"The Escargot-Haggis Exchange. They each exported their worst biological weapon to the other, to thwart English designs." - fizrep

"The Khitomer Accord?" - djdysfunction

(Star Trek references go a long way in earning that coveted Geek Of The Week award. -1. -CV)

Correct Answer: The Auld Alliance.

"The enemy of my enemy is my party buddy. Serve up the haggis and champagne!" - perkyczarlet
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