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Language skills are important. *nods seriously*

"I should not sit around talking like Homestar Runner. This is not that Homestar Runner is not funny, because he is. And it is indeed fun to talk like him. However, a guy who talks like Homestar Runner sounds way gay. And not Rupert Everett gay, either, but rather Tiny Tim gay. And frankly, I got enough problems.

I should probably just talk like Strong Bad instead anyway, but I'm not good at talking like Strong Bad. I just sound like a drunken Ricardo Montalban."

-- mightygodking

Y'know, one of these days you'll figure out that I go out of my way to mispronounce anime titles, just to express my disrespect for them. To wit:

Dragonballz GTO (got to lick my balls! got to lick them all!)
Tenchi Muy Muy Macho!
Fight! Super Robot Life Gundam Suckass
Naytja Buoui Ryik Frahir
Yuuyu Yuyu Hakuushuouu (I can just see you hearing this one and saying "No no, you idiot, it's obviously Yuuyu Yuyu HakUUUshuouu! Three u's, you filthy illiterate gaijin!")
Princess Mokonomonokapocahontas
Sailor Tentacle Naughty Britches Sasaameiiy P
He-Man and the Masters of the Uni--wait, sorry.

--jim_smith, in a response to mike_smith
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