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From here, I give you one of the most amusing explanations of a comic book character's death/subsequent resurrection ever.

anxietygrrl: Speaking of heroes, sort of, who was it that "killed" Emma Frost recently?
ct_junkie: Okay, so Jean came home to hte mansion to find Scott and Emma in a psychic seduction :) Hee. Kiss!Fuck! It's all in the mind.

Whoa. Parrappa the rappa flasback.

Anyhoo, Jean was all like 'This is MY man, beotch!" and they had themselves a smackdown. Psychically. But nothing had ever really happened b/w Scott and Emma- except poor ole' Frosty thinks she's in Luv with him, no matter how lame he might be. Which she tells Logan, who tells Beast, who goes to cheer her up only to find her dead. Her shattered body encased in her outfit dead. (Cause yknow, she had that nifty second mutation which is all the rage these days so that she could turn her skin to living diamond, like what the fuck ever.)

Then in the next issue, she was apparently killed by some dude with a diamond bullet. Heeh- he musta put J.Lo's engagement ring in straw and blew real hard. (which coincidentally is how JLo got it. Only it wasn't a straw.)
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