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Funniest thing that happened today:
I take notes in an introductory biology class taught by a very butch female prof who I've known for some years. She was teaching about phospholipid semi-permeable membranes in cells.

Prof: And what must we always remember about unsaturated fats?
Somebody: They're bad for you? Or good for you? I can't remember.
Prof : [look of profound disgust] They. Are. Kinky. [shrieks gleefully] Kinky kinky kinky!
Jane: begins snorgling uncontrollably.
Prof: Unsaturated fats have ...?
Somebody: Double bonds?
Prof: Yes! And this means that the chains are kinky! They're bent!
Jane: snorts so hard people stare at her
Class: looks blank
Prof: if you have a can of mazola oil and a handful of lard, which one is kinkier?
Jane: dies
Prof: The mazola oil! Because it's from a plant. Kinky kinky kinky kinky kinky. [pauses, smirks] There. You learned something today.

The class does not laugh. What the hell is wrong with kids today?

--found in the LJ of 3jane
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