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I saw an odd thing while there today. A guy was BLASTING the song "Lean Back" by Fat Joe from his radio right beneath an enormous sign that says, "Please Be Respectful: No Loud Music". And the guy who works there walks up to the guy and very politely asks him to turn it down. The guy just shook his head "no". And he did it really casually too. As though someone had asked him if he'd like more coffee or if he swings. As if to say, "No thank you, that request doesn't fit my needs today." I felt so bad for the "guy who asks people to turn down their music when it's too loud" guy. I mean; that's pretty much his only function. It must be hard for him to go home and tell his kids about what I imagine he's referring to as the "Fat Joe: Lean Back" incident. Every time he's out now and hears "Lean Back" he'll immediately get all pissed off. And while all his friends are dancing in the club and yelling over the music, "Hey Juan or Bob or Reggie (no idea what race he was) why aren't you leaning back like the rest of us? It's a really easy dance, all you have to do is lean back. Don't be shy, it's not nearly as complicated as the Macarana, the Humpty dance or the Hora." And he'll go home alone that night cause he was in too bad a mood to spit magic at the ladies and find his kids a step-baby's momma.

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