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afrai on her friendslist: I was going to add everyone who's friended me and set up filters and things, but when I went to the edit friends page I just looked at the list and felt my knees turn to water.
I . . . think I'll just go read fanfic instead. Yeah.

Comment-chat of selfsame post:
afrai: 'S mostly the thought of having to set up filters and sort people into them that made me blanch.
sheridankm: Aren't the bodyguards supposed to do that sort of thing?
afrai: I get bodyguards? Hey, why didn't anybody tell me I get to have bodyguards?
sheridankm: Didn't you know? They must be very well trained, then, if you don't even notice them. All BNFs get bodyguards. That's one of the signs, they say.
afrai: Probably my bodyguards are very, very small.
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