Nobody said it was easy (copperbadge) wrote in metaquotes,
Nobody said it was easy

Three for the price of one!

blythely makes a good point:

So I was watching Dogma last night(1)

(1) Yes I have seen it before, but I have not blogged about it. Therefore, in a way, my thoughts do not exist until committed to LJ.

woelfle works in a library:

today I confiscated two half-empty bottles of non-alcoholic beverages hidden very cunningly in a white bag under a table. A bulging, white bag, I ask you. I left a note congratulating the perpetrator on the almost-successful smugglage, and if they want their bottles back, they could come down to the counter for them. Now it remains to be seen if he or she is a coward or thinks "Forget about honour, I want to cash in my deposit."

and disc_sophist is having trouble with the upper classes:

MY comments are posting, but I keep getting this error message:

(104) Connection reset by peer

Dammit, Wellington, stop fucking with my LJ!
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