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From the journal of tick_wonderdog... I had to resist the urge to quote the entire entry, as I was literally in hysterics. It took me ten minutes to calm down fully before I could go to class. (The full entry is here. Also, I cannot do funny html tricks, so you will have to go to the aforementioned entry to see the phonetic explanation of how this guy pronounces Tick's name.)

and he's got to ask me questions all the time. now he's been working just about every wednesday nigt for the past 3 1/2 or 4 years - he already was working there when i started in '01 - he has to ask me how much lettuce to prep for salads. he doesn't ask waterhouse, he never asked bobby (his nephew!) when bobby worked there. but he has to ask me. why? i don't know. i don't freakin' know ow much lettuce we'll need, i been gone 2 1/2 years! "no se! pone la pinche lechuga in su culo! chupa mis nalgas! no chinga conmigo!" and he keeps talking like i'm in another room. something about how waterhouse is a drunk, and last week he ran out of lettuce (he's obsessed with lechuga), and where is la patrona (gaye, the owner), and somthin' somethin' somethin' guapa (must be a waitress), and something about la bruja (patty the lunch cook), OMG, gossip out the ass! and he starts every other sentence with my name - but he doesn't say it, he sings it like a chicken: chaaaaackkk!
he goes on like i was his neighbor in guatemala and speak fluent spanish.
1 semester. spanish 101. so shut up! talk to rachel - she speaks fluent spanish AND portugese.

i feel much better now.
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