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feckin' brilliant

Smallville gets recast:

Lana: Ah, Oi hadta come back, Clerk. For skewl, an' anyway, wha? And de Talon, o'course. Plus - an' Oi tell ya dis straight from my fuckin' so-el, Clerk - my hert is in Smaaalville.
Clark (eyes lighting up, reaching one hand up to her muscled arm): That's really good to hear, Lana.
Lana: Yeah, well. It's on'y de troot. Paris lerned me good, Clerk. Ya hafta follee yer hert, not yer bollix, ya know? I lerned thatcha hafta look fooowerd as well as backh, like, but da' der's no place loik howem. Dis is where my jaysus paarents diyed, Clerk. Dey diyed, loik.
Clark(sighs, looks guilty, again): I know, Lana.
Lana: Ah, fuckit, Clerk, cumon an' Oi'll buoy ye a dhrink. De coffee in Parrus was fuckin moighty. On'y massif.

from swanswan here.
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