Aeryn-sama (angel_of_olore) wrote in metaquotes,

Ah, public transit.

summerless_year laments about the Santiago (Chile) bus system:

But the problem is the flagging down of the buses. Because they go so far, by the time they get downtown, they´re packed. Not in your comfortable North American, excuse me, you're in my personal space packed, but literally jammed with people. So the bus drivers don't stop for additional passengers. Also, the bus drivers make money for how many passengers they have. So they'd like to squeeze you on the bus, if possible. But if you're a lone person, during rush hour(s), there's not a chance that the driver will stop (or slow down) to let you get on, because then another bus of the same number might scoop his route. So you have to look for a pack of people to stand with, and then (if there's room), the driver will stop, take your money, give you a ticket, allow you to wedge yourself in and start careening down the city streets at about 40 mph. But at least you're on the bus. Power in numbers.
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