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kadrin on an 'educational' game he played as a child:

...And at one point you have to tell a hungry giant to eat you in order to progress. You have to tell it to eat you. You have to say "Hey, giant, eat me!" Or rather, when the giant says "Shall I eat you?" you have to say "Yes".

This educational game is telling me that to get along in life I have to be
eaten by giants.

If we examine it from point of metaphor, it's saying that the only way to progress is to surrender your individuality to faceless corporations. That's bad. If we examine it from point of literality, it's saying the only way to progress is to have a hungry giant tear you limb from limb and devour your warm flesh. That's also bad. Just because the giant doesn't actually eat you in no way dampens the game's stupidity on this point.
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