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You know, the other day I was thinking about what I'd do if I ever got the chance to meet one of my favorite sexy celebrities. If it was a woman, I'd probably be cool. I'd run into Angelina Jolie or Carrie-Anne Moss and say something intelligent, along the lines of, "Hi, I really like your movies. Can I have your autograph?" Now, if I were to run into say, Orlando Bloom or Hugh Jackman or Johnny Depp or Viggo Mortensen...

Well, it would probably go a little something like this.

Me: MEEP! It's Orli/Hugh/Johnny/Viggo!

Orli/Hugh/Johnny/Viggo: Hi, nice to meet you.

Me: OhmyfuckinggodyouaresohawtandsexyandIwanttohaveyourbabiesandIwanttofuckyouuntilyouforgetyourownname!!!!

Orli/Hugh/Johnny/Viggo: Uhh... thanks?

Me: I'm.. I... Unnngh...

Orli/Hugh/Johnny/Viggo: [to his security] Is she having an orgasm?

Me: [launches self at Orli/Hugh/Johnny/Viggo and humps]

Posted by my friend, eiluned. *grins*

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