MIASMA (backfromspace) wrote in metaquotes,

"Do you know how to survive a killer bee attack? There are four things you should know - these tips, when we return!"

Oh, sure, great! What if I get attacked during the commercial? What am I supposed to do then, huh?

Money-grubbing bastards.


"If you're stung by a bee, do you know the safest way to remove a stinger? Hint - it's probably not what you think." (cut to commercial)

So what, I'm just supposed to sit here and wait with all these damn stingers in me while you people try to sell me a car?


"Dogs are potential killer bee victims - do you know how to protect them from a swarm? The answer, just ahead!"

*eyes bee-covered dog, throws hands up in disgust*


The fuck? A dog door???? If the dog can get in, so can the damn bees! Then you've not only got them on your dog, you've got them IN YOUR HOUSE THERE'S NO ESCAPE AHHHHHH!!!!

-Four entries by the lovely sorchar
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