Slyfoot (slyfoot) wrote in metaquotes,

The Green Jell-O

A bit of Mom Humor from fanagle:

There are some days, where I really enjoy being a Mom. This is one of them. Forewarning, this isn't a warm fuzzy moment.

Patrick called me at work this morning to ask about some green Jell-O in the fridge. Now I made this on Sunday, but he doesn't know that.

So he asks if he can eat the green Jell-O, and I said yes, and we hung up. I waited about 2-3 minutes and then called him back.

Me: "Did you say green Jell-O?"
Patrick: "Yeah, why."
Me: "Um, have you started eating it yet?"
Patrick: "Yeah, why?"
Me: "Uh.. well.. ok. I'm sure you'll be fine."
Patrick: "Why?!"
Me: "Well, I thought I made orange Jell-O, but I'm sure it was green. Never, never mind. You'll be fine."
Patrick: "Ok. Are you sure?"
Me: "Yep, sure. Bye"


I waited 10 minutes and called back.

Me: "You didn't eat all of the Jell-O, did you?"
Patrick: "Yeah, I did. Why? Mom! Why?!"
Me: "Uh.. let me think. Ok, do you have my work phone number at school?"
Patrick: "I know it."
Me: "Oh, I know that. But you might want to write it down. In case you get light headed or something."


Me: "Ok, well I have to go back to work, and your bus should be there any minute."
Patrick: "Mom. Are you kidding? What's wrong with the Jell-O."
Me: "Oh nothing, I was you. Try to have a good day at school, ok?"
Patrick: *sigh*

Hahaha, I love messing with him.


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