freaky like the daughter of a pastor (blackperson) wrote in metaquotes,
freaky like the daughter of a pastor

I completely agree

You know what I don't understand? People tell you to leave a comment if you want to be added to their friends list so you can actually read their journal — but then they don't have a single entry for you to read. They don't even put any pertinent information in their bio to let you know what it is you're dealing with. No preview, no hint as to how interesting or funny or thought provoking reading their journal might be. It's like saying, "Hey! You know what's in here? Porn. Like, seriously, the best porn you have ever seen. It will make your head explode, it's so hott. I swear! But you have to sign up before you can see any of it. Kind of like not having any premarital sex. Just wait. It'll be great. I promise."

Fuckin' tease.

- stilled_life
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